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Single Engine VFR in Germany, the U.S., and other great places

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Flight Training When you got the bug, you got to go!Flying airplanes does not fit every wallet. However, acquiring a pilot license is not necessarily a pastime of the rich. First and foremost it is a demanding task that comes with extra fun: you take control of complex airplane systems, do navigation and practical meteorology, and reach a different level of responsibility -- in return, flying an airplane rewards you with lots of fun and a whole new perception of the world we live in.

The prerequisite for any pilot license is physical fitness for flight. The applicant has to obtain a Medical Certificate which is required whenever you fly. The total costs to obtain a pilot license may vary between countries, but are usually in the range of € 7.000.

In many countries, flying gets to the expensive edge, and weather adds some inconvenience to acquiring a pilot license. Flight training in the U.S. can substantially lower costs and may also put you, in some areas, in ideal VFR conditions almost year-round. Total training costs may stay well below $4,000. Given the overall lower expenses, one can gain plenty of flight experience. Since September 2001, however, U.S. regulations concerning foreign nationals who wish to acquire a pilot certificate have changed significantly. Review the current procedures and requirements imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Flying Germany Luftraum MünchenHeavy use of airspace results in various flight restrictions. Landing fees are routinely charged. The use of class C controlled airspace and night flying require specific flight training.

Since the introduction of the European flight crew regulations (EASA-FCL), pilot licenses are valid without expiration date. Class ratings are valid for 24 months, given a valid Medical Certificate, 12 hours of logged flight time during the last 12 months before renewal and one hour of dual flight instruction are required.

U.S. certificate holders who wish to fly in a European Union member state should contact the respective aviation authority for the validation or transfer of their pilot certificate.



The Alps foothills south of Munich are a picturesque area featuring several large lakes - the Ammersee, Starnberger See und Chiemsee.

Medieval Landshut town centre, Trausnitz CastleApproaching the Chiemsee lake southbound

Landshut Flying ClubMedieval town centre of Landshut with Castle and St. Martin Cathedral. Four NM west of Landshut and located notheast of the Munich terminal zone, the public airport Landshut (EDML) is home to the Landshut Flying Club and a well-suited base to discover the beauty of southern Bavaria.

C172 G1000Final approach for Landshut EDML runway 07

Flying USA San Francisco Terminal AreaFew restrictions limit the private flyer in the U.S.. You find well-maintained airfields even in small places, and most airports don't charge landing fees. U.S. private pilot certificates are issued with no expiration date. Flying at night and in controlled airspace do not require additional ratings. Pilots are required to pass a flight review by a certified flight instructor every two years. As long as the BFR and Medical Certificate are current, you can legally fly. Minimum flight time requirements to maintain the license do not exist.

Persons holding a foreign pilot license should check with the Federal Aviation Administration for the terms and conditions for issuance of a Temporary Airman Certificate, as security regulations have been tightened after September, 2001.


The Southwest

Bakersfield, CA - hot and dryOpen skies - The Mohave Desert

The Southwest U.S. offer many attractive destinations for cross-country travels. A warm and dry climate provides excellent VFR conditions most times of the year. Cal Aggie Flyers, a flying club founded in 1947, is located at University Airport (KEDU) in Davis, CA 95616.

Cessna 172RG, Cal Aggie Flyers, Davis, CACal Aggie Flying Farmers, University Airport, Davis, CA

California has most of what you can find on aeronautical charts: the High Sierra with mountains up to 12.000 ft., deserts, hundreds of miles of ocean shoreline -- this area suits many needs. You can fly Lake Tahoe, surrounded by 10.000 ft snow-capped peaks, or try a Golden Gate flyby in the evening sun.

Golden Gate Bridge before sunset


License Transfer Fly BavariaThe recognition of foreign pilot certificates in Europe follows joint European EASA flight crew licensing regulations. Individuals interested to validate or transfer their foreign pilot licenses for use in Europe should contact the aviation authorities of the member state where they intend to fly.


My Flying Travels
Browse my flight logs to see what's in store for the traveling pilot: U.S., Canada and Australia.

Grand Canyon

Las Vegas-Portland

US - Canada



Aviation Weather
on the Internet
Weather BriefingTo receive current aviation weather data, pilots are charged user fees in many European countries (e.g., the pc_met system in Germany). However, some national institutions in Europe have made weather data available in the Internet. Check out my Aviation Weather Page

Although not intended to substitute a weather briefing, these informations may be helpful for your personal flight preparation.

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More Aviation Web Sites: United States

AirNav, excellent US nav tool. A/FD informations, navaids, fuel prices
METAR and TAF worldwide databases (require ICAO identifiers)
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